Paint Correction Dallas

Get Your Vehicle's Paint Looking Better Than New

We offer Paint Correction Polish in Dallas. Paint Correction is the process of removing minor scratches, swirl marks, water spots, fading and other imperfections in your vehicle's paint.

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Level 1

It’s a single-step polishing job using a fine polishing compound and a pad. The single-stage paint correction will enhance the paint, and restore its shine.

Price $550*

Prices may vary depending on vehicle's size and paint condition

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Level 2

If your car’s paint has moderate to medium swirl marks and scratches that are embedded in the clearcoat, level 2 is the next progression. It entails a cutting pad and compound. It removes minor scratches and around 80 to 90% of swirl marks

Price $650*

Prices may vary depending on vehicle's size and paint condition

What is Paint Correction On a Car?

Paint Correction is the process of permanently removing surface scratches, swirl marks, hazing, marring, and other imperfections in your vehicle’s paint. It’s a powerful way to bring the colour back to its original shine!. The process entails mechanical leveling of clear coat to a point where all the paint is free of swirl marks, light scratches, water spots, etc.   

Is Polishing Needed Prior to Applying a Ceramic Coating?

It really depends on the condition of the car’s paint. When you apply a ceramic coating – regardless of the different formulation or application method, the coating’s job is to bond directly to the surface, harden, and provide a protective layer. 

When the coating hardens, it is transparent – making it act like glass. This amplifies the paint underneath.

So, a gloss finish will appear ‘more-glossy’ while a matte finish will provide more depth. Any tiny or hard to see scratches will be amplified or enhanced. Any swirl marks will stand out – not be covered up. 

This is one of the biggest myths about DIY ceramic coatings and other paint protection coats – that they fill scratches and improve the condition of paint.

Unfortunately, that’s only possible through paint correction. 



Paint Correction in Dallas
Paint Correction Dallas
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