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Ceramic Coating

From 3 to 12 Years Protection!

Ceramic Coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds to the paint of your vehicle to form a layer of protection and sealant over the paint, with an immense shine, super slick finish, and easier cleaning, with incredible hydrophobic effects

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High-End Professional Detailing

Interior Detailing

High-End Professional Service. We use the best quality products to get your car looking new again

Details Matter

Every detail matters, we don't miss out them

Glass Ceramic Protection

No matter what the conditions are outside, System X Glass helps keep your windshield clearer.

BMW M2 after Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating.

What is Paint Correction?

It's the process of removing the imperfections in a vehicle’s finish and restoring it to a better than new finish. These imperfections include but are not limited to, swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, etched bird droppings holograms caused by poor washing techniques. Paint correction involves using specialty polishing machines in different sizes, many different levels of diminishing abrasives, different compounding/polishing pads.

Scratches and Imperfections removal

Imperfections and most of the scratches disappear with Paint Correction Polishing process

Engine Bay Cleaning

Swirl Marks Removal

Remove up to 90% of swirl marks

Mirror Finish

Your car is going to shine even better than new!

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•Paint Correction POLISHING

•System x Ceramic Coatings protection

•Full high end Interior exterior Detailing

•Ceramic Trim

•Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

•Steam Cleaning

•Ozone Treatment

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